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Re: keytab - MIT Keytab Binary File Format Encoder / Decoder

On May 3, 2006, at 13:13, Michael B Allen wrote:
> On Wed, 03 May 2006 18:53:12 +0200
> Love Hörnquist Åstrand <lha@kth.se> wrote:
>> Michael B Allen <mba2000@ioplex.com> writes:
>>> 2) What codeset are strings? Are they UTF-8 or locale dependant?
>> "kerberos codeset", today, basicly ascii.
> Good. Than it won't hurt to call it UTF-8 :->

It might if that causes someone to think they can store non-ASCII  
UTF-8 strings there and have it be useful.

My guess is that eventually we will make it UTF-8, but today, if you  
care at all about portability, it should be considered an ASCII-only