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heimdal 0.7.2 with Windows 2003 KDC


I'm trying to authenticate to a Windows 2003 KDC using kinit from heimdal
0.7.2 on linux. My loginname is recognized, but I continuously get
password incorrect, while I'm 99% sure that it is ok. I read that I should
force DES, which didn't help. The samba docs said that with heimdal >0.6,
you shouldn't force DES, which also didn't help.

Is ther an incompability at the moment? I had the impression that heindal
0.6.x worked, but I can't compile heimdal 0.6.6 with gcc 4.0.3.

Any idea, if there is already a fix for this or if this is a known issue?

Thank you,


P.s.: Is there a way to enbale logging for kinit?