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Logging in service principal


thank you for all your previous help, but I have another problem ... I can
login a normal user, but I can't get a tgt? for the HTTP-service-pricipal.
I followed the tutorial at http://www.grolmsnet.de/kerbtut/ for a windows
KDC and mixed the Windows-kpass-command given there with the kpass-command
in the README of the Heimdal-package.

When I use kinit for the HTTP-service-principal, I get a "client unknown"
back. More specifcally, I'm talking about the equivalent of the following
line in the tutorial: kinit -k -t
/usr/local/apache/conf/http_beren.krb5keytab HTTP/beren.grolmsnet.de. I
can get a credential for the HTTP-service after I logged in using my own
userid and password. Maybe I need to use NT_HST_?? instead of

Thank you and greetings,