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Re: Howto Add a Library to the Build?

Michael B Allen <mba2000@ioplex.com> writes:

>> ./configure CPPFLAGS="-I/home/miallen/include" LIBS="-L/home/miallen/lib -lplex"
> Mm, this is exactly what I needed. But then again I assume this
> will be passed to every individual compile which is slightly ugly.

The parameter are stored in mangled format in the top of config.status.

$ head /obj/h-pkinit/config.log  | grep /configure
  $ /Users/lha/src/heimdal/configure --enable-pk-init --without-krb4 CC=ccache cc -g

> Here are a few other tips for autonewbies:
> 1) Whenever you edit a Makefile.am you need to rerun autoreconf
>    (although I take it -f -i is only necessary if you want to update
>    all the otherwise static auto* scripts).

And when you grow tired of waiting on autoreconf to complete just to modify
on Makefile.am, you just run automake lib/foo/Makefile in the source tree
and type "make Makefile" in the object tree. This way you only rebuild the
files needed.

And, for you own sanity, use obj-tree, this way you can just blow them away
then you want a clean rebuild.


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