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Re: Iprop Issues

OK, the correct solution is to use .../heimdal/sbin/truncate_log.

I suspect that you need to make sure nobody else has the log file  
open when you run it.

On Mar 16, 2006, at 12:52 AM, Henry B. Hotz wrote:

> Haven't traced the code properly.
> I have found experimentally that on the master you can delete the  
> log file, dump/reload the DB, and it will create a new 24-byte log  
> file as a new starting point.  Then you delete the log and DB on  
> the slave and restart and it will download a new copy. (With 0.7.2.)
> What I'm not yet sure of is how stable the new setup is.  Still  
> testing.
> I have seen that slave log files grow when there is a network  
> problem.  I have seen feedback from one problem slave causing  
> growth and even crashes on other slaves!  I have had log files grow  
> to over 2 GB and fill the disk.  Main DB is order of 10MB and 15K  
> principals. (With 0.6.3.)
> On Mar 15, 2006, at 3:42 AM, Onime Clement wrote:
>> Hi,
>> No answer or reply ! apart from upgrading/installing bigger disks  
>> on the
>> slave servers.
>> I upgraded the Linux O.S/heimdal version in December 2004 and now  
>> after
>> 1 year 2 months, the slaves   have a log file that is 175Mb while the
>> database is 8MB on the slave server while the master KDC has a   
>> log of
>> 52Mb and a database of 8.8 MB
>> Thanks
>> Clement
>> Henry B. Hotz wrote:
>>>> My slave KDCs have very large ipropd log files over 500 MB,  
>>>> while the
>>>> master KDC has only 25 MB log file.
>>>> There seems to be a problem here..
>>>> Clement Onime
>>> Ever get any resolution/info on this?
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