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Re: Getting list of supported enctypes

Arati Desai <artipdesai@yahoo.com> writes:

> Hi All,
> Can someone point me to list of supported enctypes
> with heimdal?
> I am using heimdal 0.7 as kerberos client with my
> application. I need to publish the list of supported
> enctypes. I could not find them in the README.
> This command gave me a list:
> grep '^static struct encryption_type enctype'
> lib/krb5/crypto.c | awk '{print $4}'
> But I wasn't sure if it should be published this way.

des-cbc-crc, des-cbc-md4, des-cbc-md5, des3-cbc-sha1 (hmac1) one, arcfour,
arcfour-56 and aes-256, aes-128.

I guess there should be some tool that tells you what enctypes are
supported. Heimdal supports some internal type enctypes that shouldn't be
used for Kerberos directly (for example, enctypes with CMS padding).


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