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Re: EVP_CipherUpdate et al

On Fri, 14 Jul 2006 20:50:44 -0400
Michael B Allen <mba2000@ioplex.com> wrote:

> I need some generic encryption decryption capability for some code
> that already links with heimdal and thus libhcrypto. I was hoping to
> leverage existing routines in hcrypto but simple attempts to link yield
> errors regarding the lack of EVP_CipherUpdate and EVP_CipherFinal_ex. Can
> someone give me a pointer to use those functions or equivalent? Otherwise
> is there any disadvantage to switching to --with-openssl?

Nevermind. As usual I figured out what to do 5 minutes after posting. I
see from some examples/tests that I don't need EVP_CiperUpdate or
EVP_CipherFinal_ex if I use EVP_Cipher instead (leaves out the trailer
bytes whatever those are).

One of these days I'll have to become a crypto expert :->


Michael B Allen
PHP Extension for SSO w/ Windows Group Authorization