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Heimdal / MS kpasswd differences?

I would like to set the password on an AD account using Heimdal client
code. I see kpasswd has no problem doing this but I have one small

I took a capture of Active Directory Users and Computers creating an
account and setting the password and compared it to Heimdal's kpasswd
utility. Ethereal^HWireshark shows kpasswd sending a UDP request on port
464. It is not decoded. The ADUC capture also shows a UDP exchange on
port 464 but ironically Wireshark does decode this packet and shows it as
"MS Kpasswd".

My question is, is Heimdal's kpasswd as compatible as MS's native kpasswd
calls for setting a Windows account password or is there something I
should watch out for?


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SSO