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Re: pkinit integration with smart card

5 sep 2006 kl. 17.51 skrev malexander@kcp.com:

I ran the hxtool (thanks for adding that), but didn't see the results as in Love's output.  I'll give it the old college try to see if I can debug more with the ActivIdentity P11 module.

$ hxtool print --info PKCS11:/usr/local/acgold/lib/libpkcs11.so 
hxtool: hx509_certs_init: Failed to get session PKCS11 slot 0 

Ok, so I write error message like a, well, something. Here is a patch that will make
it return something more interesting


You probably want to login to the smartcard. Here is how you do that.

hxtool print --pass=PROMPT --info PKCS11:/Users/.....

$ hxtool print --pass=PROMPT --info PKCS11:/Users/lha/pkcs11/lib/soft-pkcs11.so
PIN code for SoftToken (slot):
pkcs11 driver with 1 slot
slot 0: id: 1 name: SoftToken (slot) flags: 00000006