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Re: password expiry and ldap

So, after hours of googling and looking into wrong places, I can reply to my 
own post ;)

Dne Wednesday 20 September 2006 13:58 Václav Hůla napsal(a):
> kadmin> mod --pw-expiration-time=2006-08-16 ax
> kadmin: kadm5_modify_principal: Unknown error 36150281

this happens when the account in ldap has both krb5 and samba classes. The 
quick and dirty solution is to disable storing of krb5EncryptionType in 

> Can please anybody give me any hint? Is password aging even supposed to
> work in this config?

but the accounts were created with samba flag [X], which means "do not 
expire". It looks like its working well now.

Václav Hůla,
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