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Re: The state of the heimdal project

> Removing telnet is not hard, I tried to convince users that its a  
> good thing
> to move away. If I was to use you as the "common" user, maybe removal
> is the only way to make them understand.

Telnet was only an example. I don't think the current state will
convince people to let go. 

> Call me naive.

I call you programmer ;-)

> There are weekly snapshots of the 0.7 branch being built, and those
> contain all bugfixes that is easily migrated to 0.7 codebase.
> The problem is not maintain braches, the problem is releases.

Yes. Without releases no market share. Without market share no

How many rpm/deb/pkg/ebuild/whatever packagers will look at a branch?
How many will look at a release? 

> If you are interested in having Solaris maintained _during the  
> development cycle_,
> please contribute cycles to the making the build cluster larger.

I doubt you will convince many people outside a devel team or a team
of "drilled" testers to look at something that is a dated snapshot.
Releases yes. Pre-releases maybe. Snapshots most likely not.

> > You need more testers. You can only get more testers if there are
> > goals and targets. Getting testers is as hard as getting sponsors.
> > I'm trying to help with that, but I don't think I'm any good at it.
> I don't understand how goals and targets gives more testers, please  
> expand.


Goal: 0.8. Here is a heimdal-0.8rc1.tar.gz. 0.8 will be due 20061031.
Test and report back until that date, or 0.8 will be as good/bad as

> You want an new person, the coordinator that is coordinating the few
> people that tests Heimdal. What a waste. Have the person test Heimdal  
> instead.

I don't think that coordinating is a full time chore. It can probably
be combined with something else. I don't know if it can be combined
with the amount of coding you do.