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Re: How to change lib version numbers?

>>>>> "Michael" == Michael B Allen <Michael> writes:

    Michael> I'm still having symbol clash problems when dlopen'd modules use different
    Michael> versions of Heimdal. I have explored Love's suggestion of renaming all
    Michael> exported functions via make-protos.pl and I'll continue to explore that
    Michael> option but it seems I would need to do that for every exported function
    Michael> of every library (e.g. libasn1 has 1200 functions).

Do you mean you want to dlopen different versions of Heimdal within
the one application?

If so, changing the version numbers will not help, the symbol names
will remain the same and continue to clash.

The only solution is to use versioned symbol names, such as used in
the Debian heimdal package (so that the MIT libraries don't clash with
the Heimdal libraries even if linked in the same library, possibly via
standards such as PAM, NSS, libnss-ldap, etc).

If you want me to send you the diff against 0.7.2, let me know.

(if you are already using versioned symbols I apologise for the
Brian May <bam@snoopy.apana.org.au>