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Re: iprop problem

> As you say root can get what it wants.  It's just "wrong" to mix  
> unrelated things when you don't have to.  It makes sense to put the  
> "host" keys in the default keytab because they identify the machine  
> rather than a specific service.  A specific service should in general  
> have its own keytab file.  That way it *can* be run as something  
> other than root.

You're definitely correct and I did not intend to imply otherwise. This
is a research lab (but not with the resources JPL has =) ), which
maintains its own kerberos realm with no personnel dedicated to
administering it (or any other computer-related stuff either, for that
matter). Thus we have very little time to make things as they should be,
so the guideline is to make everything "secure enough" with minimum
amount of work. Changing keytabs means altering and maintaining the
init-scripts of the service. During upgrades, those are easily missed (or
overwritten), causing more harm than what we *believe* can be caused by
keeping the keytabs together.

Perhaps I'll try to take the time of separating the keytabs in the
future (there is the upcoming upgrade from Debian sarge to etch; I think
we could make this at the same time). Which keys would you think need to
go to separate keytabs? Those services which run without root privileges
have, naturally, already their own keytabs. The question of imap, ssh and
nfs remains. These are all services that need root privileges, so we
haven't bothered to separate them from each other. The keys for "host"
will of course remain in the default keytab, but how about the others?

> Just something to try:  be explicit about all the file locations in  
> the kdc.conf file.  That helped when I had a similar problem.  I  
> think there is a bug in iprop that causes this, but I was never able  
> to fully trace it down.

Thank you very much! That seemed to help. What's strange about it, is
that it still uses *the exact same files* as before - except now it
works, previously it didn't. Perhaps we'd better define this as a bug?



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