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Re: Should kadmin ask for password

Here is the thing:If principal has '/admin' in its name - it all works smoothly. I.e.renaming haizaar to haizaar/admin, or using root/admin did the trick.Even regular kinit works - kadmin automatically acquires kadmin/adminticket.
How do I disable this "feature" ?
2006/11/20, Love Hörnquist Åstrand <lha@kth.se>:
> Sorry, I can't reproduce that.>> Love>> $ kinit -S kadmin/admin@SU.SE lha/admin@SU.SE> lha/admin@SU.SE's Password:> $ klist> Credentials cache: API:1>          Principal: lha/admin@SU.SE>>    Issued           Expires          Principal> Nov 20 09:28:03  Nov 20 10:28:03  kadmin/admin@SU.SE>> $ kadmin -p lha/admin -r SU.SE> kadmin> get lha>              Principal: lha@SU.SE>      Principal expires: never> ...>>>>>

-- Zaar