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problem when i am running GSSAPI client/server

Hi ,


            I have installed heimdal-0.6.6.tar.gz on linux machine. I have configured as same specified in http://www.pdc.kth.se/heimdal/heimdal.html .


When I run gssapi_server and gssapi_client , client is failing to create initial context


I am starting server as   


  linux:/home/Try_Compile/heimdal-0.6.6/appl/test #  ./gssapi_server –s sample –p 8888



And client as


Gsspi_client is giving problem:

linux:/home/Try_Compile/heimdal-0.6.6/appl/test # ./gssapi_client -s sample -p

8888 linux


gssapi_client: gss_init_sec_context

 Print Status

Server (krbtgt/SITE@CHINA.COM) unknown





Please give solution for this problem. I need to try gssapi (in linux/UNIX) as SSPI non interactive login mechanism.





Eswar S


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