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charity promotion


PLAZA DEL ANGEL 10, 28012.


Ref No. TCP400738213952   Ticket,206937216TW

To the e-mail bearer,

It gives me great joy to acknowledge you as the recipient of Techie Charity  Promotion yearly draw, held on the 15th day of December,2006.

You have therefore emerged as a recipient in the third category with an award of Eight Hundred and Fifty Thousand European Union Euro(850,000€)  in this annual end of year promotion.

Your e-mail ID attached to the above stated Ticket No. emerged as one of the winners in our random sampling certified device, confirmed also by eminent representatives of the accredited charity bodies.

Revenue for this charitable programme is derived from non-governmental agencies and major multinational firms cutting across the Europe-American community.

In compliance with the sponsoring bodies' consensus, you are to make a remittance of a part of your won fund, not lower than 20-percent to a recognized charity home within your locality, after receiving your award/prize.

Please, for all enquiries and further procedure of claim, liaise with the designated Fiducial agent, Natalia Antonio (Mrs) via ; fiducial_agent2@techie.com
Congratulations once more,

Maria Lopez (Ms)
Info. Director 11

NB: Kindly indicate your Ticket No. in your reply and also note that this is purely a charity-base promotion.