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Re: KRB5_AP_ERR_MODIFIED from win 2003 in version heimdal-0.8-rc1

21 dec 2006 kl. 00.42 skrev Inna Bort-Shatsky:

> We have application that worked perfect with heimdal-0.5.1 version.  
> Last week I updated heimdal to heimdal-0.8-rc1 and now I receive an  
> The steps we did before and worked OK before:
> 1. Get credential with gss_acquire_cred api.
> 2. Get delegated credential with gss_accept_sec_context.
> 3. Call gss_init_sec_context with received delegated credential and  
> now I get an error KRB5_AP_ERR_MODIFIED from windows 2003 KDC.

What encryption times are you using ?
Where do the error originate from, local or something remote ?