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Multiple realms and databases, again

Couple questions:

I know that someone has asked this before but still don't know if this
works, or if I had a configuration problem.

Using RedHat 4 U4
Heimdal 0.7.2
OpenLDAP 2.3.27

How can I define multiple realms in krb5.conf and multiple databases
database = {
	realm = EXAMPLE1.COM
	dbname = ldap:ou=krb5principals,dc=example1,dc=com
database = {
	realm = EXAMPLE2.COM
	dbname = ldap:ou=krb5principals,dc=example2,dc=com

when I do:
kadmin>init EXAMPLE.COM  blah, blah
kadmin>init EXAMPLE1.COM  blah, blah

Only the default LDAP container is used.

At present I'm running kdc kadmind kpasswdd on a single machine. Can I
use one config file for all?


Kent N