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We must protest this sort of FDA interference if we are to benefit meaningfully from advanced medical technologies currently in development.

This is a false perception, one that we have to fight. Donating to the Methuselah Mouse Prize is like starting a rockslide with a single pebble. You choose to do it; health and longevity are not accidents for most of us.
It looks more and more likely that defeating cancer will be a prerequisite for creating healthy life extension medicine that blocks the biochemical processes of aging. This is by no means the end of the story, however.
The John Moores University in Liverpool, UK is undertaking a large study on aging.
Great things can happen when you harness self-interest and competition.
com on a new cancer treatment that is claimed to "eradicate" cancer in test animals.
It's a wide-ranging interview with Dr.
The project will benefit greatly from your tax-deductible donations, and you are unlikely to see a better use of your money for aging research in the near future. Even though we will not be trying to get huge sums into the prize fund for a while, having a lot of small donations will add considerable credibility to the enterprise.
" Remember that legislation in the US and elsewhere is currently restricting this research, and threatens to even ban it.
The big stumbling block is, of course, the money. htmlLEF News is reprinting a businesswire article on Elixir Pharmaceuticals.
Still, it shows that there should be a wide range of regenerative therapies resulting from stem cell work that should be available before the end of the decade.
This is very fundamental research aimed at filling in the gaps in scientific knowledge of the aging process. If we do not speak up to defend our future health and longevity, then medical research and investment will decline. Doing well means attracting attention from the press and public, encouraging scientists to compete, and obtaining a large number of modest, tax-deductible donations from people like you and me. I'll be encouraging all of you to do the same!
htmlYahoo News reports on promising early studies in regenerative medicine by StemCells, Inc. This is how aging will be beaten; one small step at a time, with the hard work of researchers like Malinda Fitzgerald and the support of people like you and I. Studies consistently show benefits in health and longevity resulting from moderate, easily accomplished exercise.
So step forward and do your part to support real anti-aging research today!
The official launch date is later in the month, at the next meeting of the American Aging Association. All pointing the way to longer, healthier lives. The article also notes naive and uninformed efforts by someone unrelated to Ted Williams to have Alcor investigated for fraud!
cfmThe FDA recently blocked a new stem cell therapy for heart damage that has proven very successful in trials.