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Re: pkcs12

Love Hörnquist Åstrand ha scritto:
>> we are testing heimdal but i have problem authenticating clients with 
>> pkcs12 certificates, infact i receive this error:
>> kinit: krb5_get_init_creds: Certificate not found
> Can you print pkcs12 file with hxtool print ?
> hxtool print --pass=PASS:foobar 
> PKCS12:/Users/lha/src/cvs/heimdal/lib/hx509/data/test.p12
> Love
Yes the output for my certificate is

[root@pkinit heimdal-rc2]# bin/hxtool print --pass=PASS:cazzo 
cert: 0
    private key: yes
    issuer:  "C=IT,CN=hx509 Test Root CA"
    subject: "CN=pkinit,C=IT"
    keyusage: keyEncipherment, nonRepudiation, digitalSignature
cert: 1
    friendly name: ca
    private key: no
    issuer:  "C=IT,CN=hx509 Test Root CA"
    subject: "C=IT,CN=hx509 Test Root CA"
    keyusage: cRLSign, keyCertSign, keyEncipherment, nonRepudiation, 
[root@pkinit heimdal-rc2]#