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Re: Heimdal client for Windows

On 2007-01-12 at 12:28 +0100, Alberto Fondi wrote:
>   is there a client for Heimdal that support Windows Operative System?

Which parts of Heimdal?  If you mean the pkinit stuff, then I don't
know.  Otherwise: yes, since it's "just" GSSAPI and Kerberos, so any
Kerberos client implementation should work.

Windows XP Pro and above include Kerberos support, but Home Ed doesn't.
(I haven't looked at the Vista mess to know what stuff is there).

Myself, I don't have our Windows laptop use Kerberos to sign-in;
instead, I want it to be able to get Kerberos credentials after sign-in
before access services.  For that, I use MIT Kerberos for Windows, which
I can confirm works on XP Home and XP Pro with a Heimdal KDC (server).
It works with Firefox and Thunderbird, with appropriate about:config
tinkering, and with Mulberry (another free mail client).