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This, I believe is absolutely spot-on.
andtherefore costs more money.
For such tasksKPO requires people with a better educational background. "There are well known limits to taxation. With this agreement, plusother business that was not part of the recompete, EDS now expectsUSD1.
But it'speanuts compared to the enormous gains in efficiency, productivity,quality, and revenues that can be achieved by fully leveragingoffshore talent. The UK remains a very goodplace to do business. It requires client facing groups able to tackleambiguous, non-structured problems and though Genpact, Wipro andInfosys are beginning to hire European professionals, they have along way to go.
EDS, which has been GM's main technology provider for the pasttwenty years, won the majority share. Hmmm; I continue to think that CSC has lost its way and has tobe a target. This is in addition to theUSD19. NelsonHall clients will also have the opportunity topose questions to the analysts after the session.