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Re: Microsoft Cross Reference for PKINIT PKI Certs

26 jan 2007 kl. 20.18 skrev Henry B. Hotz:

> The Microsoft KB article referenced on the Heimdal PKINIT web page,  
> 313274, seems to no longer be available.
> Is this one the correct replacement?
> <http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;Q281245>

No, its not, 313274 was a "wrapper" document that pointed to
the following documents.

313557 HOW TO:Install a Smart Card Reader
228831 Cannot Overwrite Smart Card Key in Certificate Services Setup
231881 How to Install/Uninstall a Public Key Certificate Authority  
for Windows 2000
281245 Guidelines for Enabling Smart Card Logon with Third-Party  
Certification Authorities

> I don't see any references to any PKINIT OIDs in it, but it's what  
> I found by googling for the title of the old one.

For vista the requirements are the same as the PK-INIT RFC.