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Re: Heimdal client for Windows

On Jan 28, 2007, at 2:20 PM, Michael B Allen wrote:

> Personally however I don't understand why someone would want to run
> alternative Kerberos libraries on a Windows client. Unless perhaps  
> you're
> porting some *nix software that uses the MIT/Heimdal API maybe.
> Mike

Yes, there are no directly compatible API's.  The wire protocol is  
fine though.  Also the SSPI isn't too distant from the GSSAPI.

Another reason might be to use the MIT [domain_realm] mappings.   
Windows will always ask AD what realm a host is in.  If you have a  
couple of hosts in a test realm (that's not a Windows Domain) then  
there was no way to specify them as exceptions prior to VISTA.

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