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Re: rc4 make check hang

>> Attaching to process 19491.
>> Reading symbols for shared libraries . done
>> Reading symbols for shared libraries ............... done
>> 0x90001b04 in ioctl ()
>> (gdb) bt
>> #0  0x90001b04 in ioctl ()
>> #1  0x00072e90 in do_ioctl (data=0xbffff238) at afssys.c:218
>> #2  0x000731d0 in k_setpag () at afssys.c:321
>> \#3  0x00006330 in main (argc=2, argv=0xbffff4dc) at ftpd.c:285
>> (gdb) q
>> The program is running.  Quit anyway (and detach it)? (y or n) y
>> Detaching from process 19491 thread 0x113.
> Also significant is the fan behavior of my laptop.  ;-)
> After I "sudo kill 19491"ed, the check script picked right up and  
> ran to completion with no other failures.
> Did the same "make check" on an Intel Mac and got no hang.

What afs client are you running and why does it make your ioctl loop.

If you attach a debugger to it and run stepi, does the code loop  
inside ioctl() ?

If you get cyclic $ip's in the output it probably loops.