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heimdal 0.8-rc7


I just cooked the heimdal 0.8-rc8 tar ball and Mac
Universal Binary package, they are available here:



Again, if you want binary packages generated for your operating system
you need to step forward and contribute spec files and tell us if
how to build the binaries and if you can build them.

Some portability problems fixed, but most work have been on
the digest kdc service. You are read more about the new digest service
here: http://blogs.su.se/lha/Heimdal/

Expect a release before tueday morning unless something
critical shows up, I've been running the new code in production
on the KDCs since this week, this is not very strange for us since
we have been running 0.8-ish code over the last year to take
advantage of new features in the KDC.