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Re: heimdal mingw woes

4 feb 2007 kl. 01.51 skrev Jonathan Bowman:

> If anyone has succesfully compiled heimdal using mingw and MSYS on
> Windows, could you answer two questions for me?
> 1. What version of heimdal do you compile with MSYS?
> 2. What configure flags do you use?
> Currently heimdal 0.7.2 hangs in the configure script because it  
> has groff
> issues. heimdal 0.8rc6 quits during compilation because of an
> "incomplete type `sockaddr_in'" error.
> All this works on my Mac OS X machine without a hitch; I am just
> having mingw issues.

I've compile heimdal on mingw, but it it was a very very long time ago.
I just installed the cross compiler on my mac, I might be able to create
some time to make 0.8-ish compile again.