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Re: Windows 2003 SP1, cross-domain trust

On Thu, 29 Mar 2007, Björn Sandell wrote:

> I disabled everything but the des keys on the cross realm principal:
> Keytypes(salttype[(salt-value)]): des-cbc-md4(pw-salt), des-cbc-crc(pw-salt)
> It's working for XP clients but not for w2k client; though I suspect 
> that the w2k clients can't handle pkinit.

I had des-cbc-crc and arcfour-hmac-md5 keytypes.  I removed the 
arcfour-hmac and it started working.  That would seem to indicate that 
Windows 2003 doesn't do RC4-HMAC for the cross-realm principal.  I've 
tested direct logins to the DC and to W2K3 and XP clients and had no 
problems.  Thanks.