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RUSSIA: Plot of land, Logistic properties, Investment offers in St Petersburg, Krim, Rostow, Sotchi, .

Investment Offers in St Petersburg Russia, Krim, Rostow, Sotchi, …

- plot of land -> i.e. for Logistics properties -> top situation

- Commercial land,             - factories, floor space used for a business, factories,           

- office buildings                 - Projects, - hotel buildings,  - Commercial properties

Dear Sir / Madam,

In the press you would have read about the change of the bases of the
Russian’s rights to purchase Russian acquisitions of properties, real
estates and trade objects. Foreign investors should be better protected;
thereby a more pleasant business atmosphere is created.

The Business Market has now become safer for foreign investors, more
transparent in comparison to business in previous years.

The interest in the acquisition of properties and real estates in St.
Petersburg constantly grows and the prices for investment are still very
favourable, the city registers a very strong boom in construction activity
and grows above average.

Our company consultants have prepared for you, convincing Investment offers
in all asset classes to approximately 1,5 billion. We are ready for
comprehensive and competent consultations either for purchases or sales. We
are searching for locations for procurements, project developments, renting
properties as well as Portfolio strategies and evaluations.
We look forward to hearing from you

Yours Faithfully


Svetlana Hartmann




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