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Re: Kerberos authentication and High availability

Mustafa A. Hashmi wrote:
> Thanks for your e-mail. Please see some comments in-line.
> On 4/3/07, *Henry B. Hotz* <hotz@jpl.nasa.gov 
> <mailto:hotz@jpl.nasa.gov>> wrote:
>     The client is going to get a service ticket for the load balancer.
>     Probably no choice.  That's a good argument for not using load
>     balancers, IMO.  Instead clients should have a standard list of
>     CNAMEs to try.
> Well it's not just load balancing, it's high availability which is 
> also very important. Ensuring transparent fail-overs is paramount.

this seems to be an ideal situation for CARP, though i do understand 
that CARP isn't available on all OSes. i am interested in hearing any 
reasons why it wouldn't be suitable in this role.