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Re: errors in documentation?

4 maj 2007 kl. 05.02 skrev Ronny Blomme:

> The information on http://www.h5l.se/manual/HEAD/info/heimdal.html
> refers several times to the kadmin ank command.
> In the heimdal-0.7.2 or 0-8-branch, kadmin has no ank command. It  
> should read: "add"

heimdal 0.8.1 have ank as a command

$ /usr/heimdal/sbin/kadmin --version
kadmin (Heimdal 0.8.1)
Copyright 1995-2007 Kungliga Tekniska H?gskolan
Send bug-reports to heimdal-bugs@h5l.se
$ /usr/heimdal/sbin/kadmin -l help ank
Arguments given (0) are less than expected (1).

Usage: add [-rh] [--random-key] [--random-password] [--password=string]
    [-p string] [--key=string] [--max-ticket-life=lifetime]
    [--max-renewable-life=lifetime] [--attributes=attributes]
    [--expiration-time=time] [--pw-expiration-time=time] [--use- 
    [--help] principal...
-r, --random-key              set random key
--random-password             set random password
-p string, --password=string  principal's password
--key=string                  DES-key in hex
--max-ticket-life=lifetime    max ticket lifetime
--max-renewable-life=lifetime max renewable life
--attributes=attributes       principal attributes
--expiration-time=time        principal expiration time
--pw-expiration-time=time     password expiration time
--use-defaults                use default values

Adds a principal to the database.
Synonyms: ank, add_new_key

> And in the text on "configuring Win2000 to use a Heimdal kdc":
> C:> ksetup /setmachpassword password
> I tried this under Windows XP ->
> C:> ksetup /SetComputerPassword password

Fixed, thanks.