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Re: Addressless tickets in 0.8.x

> > Has the default for no-addresses changed from false to true or is this
> > a bug?
> Yes.

Ehm, is this really necessary? Is this a concession towards all users
that are behind NAT? But in this case, would it not be good enough to
have something in between (say called "auto") which uses the
no-address strategy only when the client is a RFC1597 adrdess and the
other part is not? (No, I don't feel the urge to make "auto" work for
folks that use NAT between different RFC1597 nets).

> > Is there any documentation of the defaults of such options (besides
> > the source)? Manpage?
> No, but if you figure out a way to generate those automaticly it  
> would be great.

One could change all the krb5_appdefault_*() functions that they do
not take a default value, but read a global table containing option,
default, max and min value and maybe help string for the option in
question. Then a small app can be linked against the same table and
print the table in man page format.