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segmentation fault 0.8.1 on CentOS 5

I have compiled and installed heimdal 0.8.1 as the following:
./configure --prefix=/opt/heimdal --with-openldap=/opt/openldap --disable-berkeley-db --disable-ndbm --with-openssl-include=/usr/include --without-ipv6 --enable-kcm

There were no error messages that I could see when it compiled or ran .configure

openldap 2.3.32
Open ldap compiled with the following:
./configure --prefix=/opt/openldap --enable-local --with-cyrus-sasl --with-tls --enable-crypt --enable-spasswd --enable-lmpasswd --enable-cleartext --enable-syncprov --disable-ipv6 --enable-lastmod --enable-unique --enable-syslog --enable-rlookups --enable-ppolicy --enable-debug --enable-hdb --enable-dynamic

OS-> CentOS 5

I already have an existing database in LDAP. The krb5 data came from a previous 0.7.2 installation. When I access the database using kadmin -l with the 0.8.1 binaries:
kadmin>list kent
<I get results>
kadmin>list ke*
segmentation fault
kadmin>list host/*
segmentation fault
kadmin>list host/<FQDN>@REALM
segmentation fault

Now I compile 0.7.2 with exact configure in
All of the above commands work, no problem.

Any suggestions where to look?

Kent Nasveschuk <kent.nasveschuk@fastsearch.com>