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Re: Why is the server using DES but not RC4?

Florian Erfurth wrote:

> Achim Grolms schrieb:
>> On Thursday 28 June 2007 21:38, Markus Moeller wrote:
>>   [SNIP]
>> I suppose that's because he reused the account from his
>> previous DES-experiments (that need the DESONLY setting).
> Yes, that is true. I did test the same computeraccount with DES and
> reused this with RC4. I'll try to delete and recreate the
> computeraccount. Thank you very much! I'll post here, if it did help.
>> If the default behaviour of ktpass disables DES in every case-
>> why does Florian run into that "KDC send DES problem"?
>> An additional -DESONLY option in the RC4 ktpass would ensure
>> that "DESONLY" is disabeled in *every case*.
> Ok, I'll try with -DESONLY if this doesn't help, then I'll delete and
> recreate the account.
I deleted the computeraccount and recreated it and runs again with ktpass.
Now it works well. Thank you very much!!! I didn't try the way
with -DESONLY because I forgot it. ^^'

cu Floh