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Re: bswap16{32} problem

>> I can't find any problems (my C skills are too slight).
>> I have attached the output of the above command.
> The reason if failes is that that autoconf test failes to find the  
> bswap functions and tries to
> build replacement functions.
> Can you forward your config.log to me privatly (no need to send it  
> to the list).

Thanks for sending me the file.

The failure is this:

In file included from conftest.c:134:
/usr/include/sys/bswap.h:20: error: conflicting types for 'bswap16'
/usr/include/sys/endian.h:203: error: previous implicit declaration  
of 'bswap16' was here

I think your system headerfiles are out of sync with each other. Can
you remove the all (rm -r /usr/include) and reinstall them.

Then you have to rerun configure on a clean tree.