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Re: Problems with iprop


I'm sorry iprop is in such sorry state. I going to look it over in  
the next few months, and would be very happy if there was ways I can  
reproduce the problems you are seeing that.

If you can't, I've got to start to run in on a large production realm  
close to me and see if that reproduce the problems for me.


25 jul 2007 kl. 09.55 skrev Dr A V Le Blanc:

> Until recently I've been running heimdal 0.7.2.dfsg.1-10 on Debian
> etch systems, and I have had occasional problems with iprop, which
> have been getting worse.
> First, I am getting thousands of error messages on the slaves:
>      ipropd-slave[8760]: kadm5_log_replay: 2469: Entry already  
> exists in database
> There are so many of these that the disks are filling up; for example,
> yesterday at 06:25:32 there were 172 of them, at 06:25:33 there were
> 457, and at 06:25:34 there were 475.  These message are in /var/log/ 
> auth.log.
> Moreover the binary log file in /var/lib/heimdal-kdc/log seems to grow
> enormously large on the slave machines, filling the 4gb partition in
> a few days.  Moreover, on the master machine, the ipropd-master  
> process
> keeps getting killed by the kernel, which logs this message in
> /var/log/kern.log:
>      kernel: Out of memory: Killed process 1545 (ipropd-master)
> Since the database syncronisation gets lost so frequently, I have
> cron jobs which check every ten minutes on all machines and
> restart the iprop master or slave processes, at least if they are
> not running; for example, this script gets run every ten minutes
> on the slave:
>      if [ ! -r /var/run/heimdal-kdc.pid ];then exit;fi
>      if [ ! -r /proc/`cat /var/run/heimdal-kdc.pid`/stat ];then  
> exit 0;fi
>      if [ -r /var/run/ipropd-slave.pid ] ; then
>        if [ -r /proc/`cat /var/run/ipropd-slave.pid`/stat ];then  
> exit 0;fi
>      fi
>      . /etc/default/heimdal-kdc
>      start-stop-daemon --start --quiet --background --make-pidfile  
> --pidfile /var/run/ipropd-slave.pid --exec /usr/sbin/ipropd-slave  
>      exit $?
> Anyway, the situation is getting worse, and so I decided to backport
> the available heimdal 0.8.1 Debian packages to etch and to try those.
> Now the master iprop process is dying without giving an error message,
> but the logs are filling up with messages like this:
>      ipropd-master[5151]: send_diffs: failed to find previous  
> entry: kadm5_log_previous: log entry have consistency failure,  
> length wrong
> Clearly, whatever else, neither version of iprop is succeeding in  
> playing
> the log messages properly on the slaves.  Has anyone any insight to  
> offer
> before I try reporting this as a bug on the Debian lists?  Am I  
> missing
> something obvious?
>      -- Owen