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Re: krb5_verify_user requires single-DES host key in keytab?

> Not so far as I can tell -- and I can use the host key to log in to  
> the
> host, too.  The problem seems to be specifically with  
> krb5_verify_user().
> If you can't think of why, I can try rebuilding libkrb5 with debugging
> symbols and trace into verify_user and see what it thinks is wrong --
> but the problem only seems to occur on hosts that have only 3des keys,
> which makes me suspicious.

I can't think of why. Unless you are using a sudo that uses the
krb5_kt_read_service_key forcing it to use des-cbc-crc, the error  
in your previous mail matches that.

The code-path that uses krb5_verify_user helpfully prints no error