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Re: Problems with iprop

On Fri, Jul 27, 2007 at 12:11:41PM -0700, Henry B. Hotz wrote:
> When you run out of time for that, here's a procedure that *should*  
> get you to a stable state:

Many thanks for the detailed list.

> 1) shut down all ipropd-slave's.
> 2) shut down all daemons on the master.
> 3) on the master do a .../sbin/truncate_log
> 	You can do a truncate_log --help to list it's arguments.  Unless you 
> have your config files in a nonstandard location you shouldn't need any.
> 4) Restart all master daemons
> 5) on each slave do:
> 5a) delete the database and the log files (probably /var/heimdal/ 
> {heimdal.db,heimdal.log}, but it depends on the DB library and  
> possible overrides in the kdc.conf file)
> 5b) start ipropd-slave and watch/wait for the new copy of the  
> database to finish downloading.  (Alternatively wait for the slaves- 
> stats file on the master to show that the slave is up-to-date.)
> 5c) start the slave kdc.

At point 5b, the database appears to transfer correctly, but
problems begin as soon as any change is made in the master
database.  It's now taking about 2 hours to fill the log disk.
I have simply shut off the slave servers until we can find out
what is going wrong; they serve little purpose as they stand.

I don't understand why the system ran mostly correctly for
a couple of years.  There was a problem about once a month
with the disks filling up on the slaves (this same problem), but
it was intermittent.  For the past week or two it seems to be

Thanks again for you help.

     -- Owen