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cannot get kadmin -l to pick up the ldap backend conf.

Hi every one,

I have a little-big question, probably not very complicated, but  that issue
has eaten up my whole day and has exhausted about the last ounce of patience I
could get.

I have a working ldap that is working fine for years, and I have been trying to
kerberise my linux environnement for some time. So far everything works well:
kdc/kadmin/kinit, pam_krb5, dovecot, ssh, ticket refresh, etc. However I was
still using bdb standard backend and thought it could be time for me to switch
to an ldap backend.

mandriva 2007.1 does not package ldap/ldapi for kdc, so I tried with the yet to
be released mandriva 2008, which and ldap/ldapi support compiled in. However, I
get a core dump when initialising the realm (although I can see kadmin -l doing
some request on the ldap). Well, mdv2008 is still in alpha stage.

So I went for recompilation of openldap (2.3.32) and heimdal(1.0), as per the
documentation on

Everything compile like a charm. kdc --builtin-hdb gives me "builtin hdb
backends: db:, ldap:, ldapi:".

However when launching kadmin -l, it just  ignore the dbname =
ldap:ou=KerberosPrincipals,dc=tranquilit,dc=local and build a bdb file and just
ignore the ldap backend. Note : I'm using the hdb.schema from heimdal web site.