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Re: Heimdal 1.0

Love Hörnquist Åstrand wrote:
> A belated birthday party, a happy 10 year old, happy friends,
> chocolate cakes, mmmm, chocolate, shouldn't that cause a Heimdal
> release.

I remember setting up 0.01e (I think it was) back in the day when
there really was no alternative due to export restrictions. One of
the early pre-0.1-releases ran on a kdc of mine for over a year with
no downtime - a testament to the quality of the code. Since then
I've been a fan. I still consider the day Love came to work for me
one of the best days of my professional life and I'm convinced he
and the rest of the heimdal team will keep turning out an
outstanding product in the future.

    Cheers Leif

PS This got stuck in the listmgr for a while...
 hence the lateness. DS