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Re: heimdal-1.0.1 and C++ - compilation fails

Yes, but its not enough - besides krb5_digest and krb5_ntlm I getsimilar complains about:krb5_packrb5_rd_req_in_ctxkrb5_rd_req_out_ctxkrb5_sendto_ctx
On 8/27/07, Love Hörnquist Åstrand <lha@kth.se> wrote:> > /usr/include/krb5.h:79: error: conflicting declaration 'typedef> > krb5_digest*krb5_digest'> >> > Is it a bug or a feature? - I do want to use kerberos includes in> > my C++ code.>> Its a bug, http://people.su.se/~lha/patches/heimdal/krb5-digest-> cplusplus.txt should fix your problem.>> Love>>>

-- Zaar