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conflict between heimdal and umich gssapi library and their consequences

Hello. I'm mandriva nfs-utils maintainer, trying to fix a conflict issue
between heimdal and umich gssapi libraries.

Both heimdal 1.0.1 and libgssapi include a libgssapi.so.2.0.0 file, with
different content, triggering a conflict between the two packages: you
can't install them both under the same prefix.

On mandriva linux, nfs-utils is built against the last one (more
precisely: against librpcsecgss, itself built against libgssapi), hence
preventing installation of heimdal libs on any host with nfs installed.
Worst, as mandriva build cluster is nfs-based, I can't even install
rebuild stuff against heimdal itself...

Debian had the same issue:
http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/08/msg00511.html. Apparently,
they decided to not rename heimdal library (which would solve the
confict), but instead try to build anything gss-dependant against
kerberos-provided (mit or heimdal) gss implementation, instead of umich
one (http://lists.debian.org/debian-devel/2007/07/msg00590.html). I
guess Debian maintainers are lurking there, so they probably correct me
if I'm wrong :)

A quick attempt of mine to build librpcsecgss against something else as
libgssapi failed, however. Rather than playing with configure script (as
I don't have much knowledge of gss internals), I'm currently tempted to
drop gss support from nfs-utils in Mandriva. But maybe is there a better
solution ?
Guillaume Rousse
Moyens Informatiques - INRIA Futurs
Tel: 01 69 35 69 62