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Re: Authen::Heimdal & Authen::Heimdal::Admin - rough but working

Does this have any relationship to the Perl modules that Alf Wachmann  
of SLAC worked on?  We've been using those without problems (that  
I've heard of anyway).

On Sep 20, 2007, at 6:55 PM, Philip Dye wrote:

> So back in March, I created Authen::Heimdal & Authen::Heimdal::Admin
> based on Authen::Krb5 and and Authen::Krb5::Admin.
> The admin parts that I use in an application here work fine.  I am  
> not entirely not sure about the rest.  I haven't touched the  
> documentation.
> Most of the admin tests pass since I was primarily interested in the
> administrative tasks.
> Anyone interested in working with me to adapt/write more tests and
> 'port' the documentation to Heimdal ?
> I can also digg up my porting notes regarding the differences I
> encountered between MIT and Heimdal.  The FAQ bares scratches the  
> surface.
> Philip Dye
> philip.dye@cs.cmu.edu

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