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Re: PKCROSS Implementation?


> I'm going to experimentally implement PKCROSS (to be precise,
> Something-to-be-PKCROSS? :-).  I'd like to evaluate its "statefulness"
> in the KDC and I think it's time to implement it because we already
> have PKINIT (both specification and implementation).  Ticket
> extensions (1510ter or etype-based) are in progress.
> So, my question is: was there any trial to implement PKCROSS?
> If not, I'm planning to implement it on Heimdal 1.0.1.

I've not had any time to do any work on this yet, so please go ahead.

If you make you r patches available, I'll happily read them over  
while you work on the and puch them up to make htme easier to integrate.