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Re: Vista SP1 + Kerberos problem

11 okt 2007 kl. 14.10 skrev <stenis@kth.se> <stenis@kth.se>:

> Our Active Directory have a trust to KTH.SE which is running  
> Heimdal Kerberos
> 0.7.2. We propagate KTH.SE accounts to our Active Directory where  
> we then map
> the accounts to use KTH.SE for authenticating. This has been  
> working very well
> with Vista so far but now that I started to test Service Pack 1  
> there is
> something breaking as I can no longer access network shares and  
> although I have
> full rights and is the owner of the share Windows Vista presents a  
> login prompt
> which does not accept my credentials. Note that logging into the  
> computer
> itself works without problems but the problem lies when accessing a  
> share.
> When trying to access the share I can see several failures in the  
> event viewer
> correlated to cifs along with the failure code Failure Code 0x3C on  
> the server
> side. I am troubleshooting this with Microsoft but maybe someone  
> here can be of
> assistance or possible even know what the problem is?

Given your later mails i would think its that vista sp1 check referrals.

However, I don'thave access to Vista SP1 since I have no technet