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ARC "Security Surveying and Design" Elysium Resort, Paphos, Cyprus, 11th -15th March 2008



Security Surveying & Design

Elysium Resort, Paphos, Cyprus; 11th - 15th March 2008





This very practical five-day course uses a real site to teach delegates how to carry out a security survey, how to make recommendations based on security management best practice and how to write up and present a survey report.   For an additional fee, we can provide post-course support for those who plan to carry out a security survey on return to their organisation, and who wish to be coached through the report writing process and receive individual survey report review, guidance and feedback. 



This highly practical and interactive course is designed for security managers, security supervisors, facilities managers and supervisors and is also of equal value to managers for whom security is part of the range of their responsibilities.  


         Duration:        Five Days, 11th - 15th March 2008, 9:00am - 5:00pm;

         Fees:              RO 1, 975 / US$ 5,130(including workshop materials; lunch and breaks during the workshop;

                              6 nights accommodation with breakfast at the Elysium);

                              RO 1, 675 / US$ 4,350 (without accommodation);                             

         Venue:            Elysium Resort, Paphos,  Cyprus (http://www.elysium.com.cy);

         Programme Presenter: Peter Horsburgh, CPP, PSP.


      The Constituent Parts of a Security System

      Risk & Risk Treatment

      Determining Protection Needs

      Putting Security Design Ideas into Practice

      Security Design & The Environment

      Security Design Principles

      The Purpose of a Security Survey

      Sequencing a Survey & Survey Methodology

      Determining Survey Scope

      Planning & Research

      Models for Assessing & Presenting Risk

      Surveying Field Work Practical

      Presentation & Report Writing Practical



The Constituent Parts of a Security System

Physical security; electronic systems; manning and response; security procedures & instructions


Risk & Risk Treatment

Risk assessment; probability & impact; risk matrices; risk reduction methods;  risk transfer; risk retention; risk removal; risk spreading; risk concentration


Determining Protection Needs

People protection; protecting property; protecting information; balancing costs of protection & loss


Putting Security Design Ideals into Practice

The Principles of Security; defence in depth; layering; compartmentalization; sterile zones; funneling; hardening;  building in security; liaison; security standards; maintaining fire safety integrity.


Security Design & the Environment

The physical environment; the business environment; the legal environment; the local environment; police; impact of neighbouring businesses


Specific Security Design Considerations

Perimeter security; buildings security; rooms with special protection needs

The Purpose of a Security Survey

When & why; survey aims; the security surveyor; surveying as a management tool; surveying and insurance


Sequencing a Survey & Survey Methodology

Survey stages; pre-survey tasks; tools & documentation; survey activities & tasks; post-survey tasks


Determining Survey Scope

Pre-survey management briefing; producing a statement of purpose; establishing points of contact; establishing terms of reference and access need


Planning & Research

Tools & documentation; checklist preparation; maps & plans; previous survey reports; reviewing site security procedures


Risk Assessment

The risk assessment process & models; establishing business characteristics; critical assets and time-critical operations; crime impact forecasts; information sources; measuring annual loss expectancy


Field Work

The environment survey; reviewing existing security systems & measures; gathering information; internal controls & adherence to procedures; recording information; practical site survey


Presentation & Report Writing

Interim reporting; draft reporting; the management presentation; report formats; practical report writing exercise



Please contact us for further information & registration

Precept Management Consultancy

P.O. Box 255, Ruwi, PC 112, Sultanate of Oman

Telephone:  +968 24497123 ; Fax: +968 24497222,

E-mail: precept@omantel.net.om; Website:  www.preceptmanagement.com




Security Surveying & Design

11th - 15th March 2008









Introduction and Administration (to 10:00)

Buildings Design and Security

Practical Survey Exercise

Survey Discussion and Process Feedback       (to 0930)

Survey Presentation Preparation


Risk Analysis and Assessment


Survey Report Preparation (from 0930)


Risk Analysis and Assessment

Security Surveying


Security Design

Exercise Mad Rush

Final Survey Presentations


Perimeter Security

Survey Exercise Briefing and Preparation

Open Forum followed by Certificate Presentations


ARC Training is the UK 's foremost international provider of security management training and is part of ARC Risk Management Ltd, a global provider of security consultancy and crisis response services.


ARC has conducted programmes extensively throughout the Middle East and the former Soviet Union delivering security management and specialist security courses to an impressive range of commercial, government and military audiences, and has conducted on-site training of security officers and supervisors in Arabic for GPIC, Banagas and Garmco (Bahrain), Equate Petrochemicals (Kuwait), RasGas (Qatar), Aramco (Saudi Arabia), ADCO (UAE), Dubai Ports Authority, Gulf Air, Emirates Airlines, Saudia Airlines, Kuwait Airlines and Al-Bustan Palace Hotel (Sultanate of Oman).


ARC Training was created in 2000, following a reorganisation of security management training services in the UK and, since that time, has trained delegates from more than 30 different countries.


Many of these delegates, representing sectors as diverse as retail, oil and gas, heavy industry, banking, finance, tobacco, shipping, pharmaceuticals, leisure and government, have attended programmes at ARC's Training Centre in the south of England.


In addition to the organisations mentioned ARC Training's world-wide client base includes BP, Shell, British American Tobacco, Philip Morris, European Space Agency, Nokia, Vodafone, BBC, Inland Revenue, Nigerian Central Bank, Nigerian State Security Service, HSBC Bank, London Electricity, Kuwait Oil Company, Qatar Gas, Emirates Airlines, the Panama Canal Authority and the international accountancy group PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Peter Horsburgh CPP, PSP

Peter Horsburgh is ARC Training's Senior Security Management Training Consultant.  Peter has been involved in commercial and industrial security for over 20 years and has extensive experience both as an in-house security manager and an international consultant in security management systems design.


Following a 16-year military career, Peter was involved with both security operations management and security training in commerce and industry in Africa. Internationally well-known as an expert in both security risk and crisis management, Peter has conducted consultancy and surveys since 1989 in manufacturing, petrochemical, hotel and aviation technology.  Prior to moving to the United Kingdom in 1996, Peter was the Group Security Advisor to a major South African petrochemical company, concentrating on the management of security risk for the organisation's refining and distribution operations, as well as being responsible for the protective services for over 1000 service stations. 


Peter currently conducts security management training courses to a wide range of clients across a range of industries and countries worldwide.  


A member of ASIS International since 1984 he was appointed the Regional Vice President for Southern Africa for the period 1995/6 and latterly for Europe in early 2000. He has earned the prestigious designations of CPP (Certified Protection Professional) and PSP (Physical Security Professional) and has addressed both public and closed international conferences on Risk and Security Management issues. 



To register, please click here.








Crowne Plaza Muscat, Oman; 20th-24th April

This five-day workshop is a comprehensive introduction to the essentials of corporate security management, and is designed to provide full-time security management staff and those for whom security is one of a number of responsibilities with the knowledge and confidence necessary to manage a successful loss prevention operation. The workshop takes the form of lectures, workshops, discussions and exercises, during which delegates, syndicated into groups, will have the opportunity to solve typical security problems.






Burj Al Arab Dubai, UAE; 17th - 19th February

Research consistently indicates that many businesses do not have effective crisis management or business continuity mechanisms in place. When crises hit such companies the scale of consequential loss and difficulties in business recovery are inevitably much higher than in companies which are prepared for such eventualities.


This highly participatory programme is designed to develop crisis management and business continuity management awareness and skills. It will provide the foundations for crisis management system planning and will enable delegates to contribute effectively to their respective corporate crisis management mechanisms. It also provides an overview of the planning, processes and resources necessary to create, develop and maintain a corporate-wide business continuity mechanism, capable of ensuring operational integrity in the event of a crisis.


The course will include a one-day crisis management simulation exercise, which is designed to provide a realistic context in which delegates, working in syndicates, can exercise the crisis management skills learned on the course. The exercise will be based around a series of crisis-level events which befall a national company and will test delegates' ability to address the needs of company and its stakeholders in a balanced manner whilst simultaneously ensuring that corporate interest remain paramount.



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