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RE: S4U2self ticket does not have forwardable flag set

Here is the general process I tried. I have a test program of my own. But result is the same using standard Heimdal commands. Notice that the second ticket has ok-as-delegate set, but not forwardable.



> ./kinit http/dev96vm26.asglab.juniper.net
http/dev96vm26.asglab.juniper.net@KERB.ASGLAB.JUNIPER.NET's Password: XXXXX

> ./klist -v
Credentials cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_4523
        Principal: http/dev96vm26.asglab.juniper.net@KERB.ASGLAB.JUNIPER.NET
    Cache version: 4

Client: http/dev96vm26.asglab.juniper.net@KERB.ASGLAB.JUNIPER.NET
Ticket etype: arcfour-hmac-md5, kvno 2
Ticket length: 1007
Auth time:  Oct 20 00:03:13 2007
End time:   Oct 20 10:03:13 2007
Ticket flags: initial, pre-authenticated
Addresses: addressless

> ./kgetcred --forwardable --impersonate=user1 --out-cache=/tmp/krb_user1 http/dev96vm26.asglab.juniper.net
> ./klist -v --cache=/tmp/krb_user1
Credentials cache: FILE:/tmp/krb_user1
        Principal: user1@KERB.ASGLAB.JUNIPER.NET
    Cache version: 4

Server: http/dev96vm26.asglab.juniper.net@KERB.ASGLAB.JUNIPER.NET
Ticket etype: des-cbc-md5, kvno 3
Ticket length: 915
Auth time:  Oct 20 00:03:13 2007
Start time: Oct 20 00:03:58 2007
End time:   Oct 20 10:03:13 2007
Ticket flags: pre-authenticated, ok-as-delegate
Addresses: addressless

> ./kgetcred --delegation-credential-cache=/tmp/krb_user1 http/master.kerb.asglab.juniper.net
principal: http/dev96vm26.asglab.juniper.net@KERB.ASGLAB.JUNIPER.NET
delegate principal: user1@KERB.ASGLAB.JUNIPER.NET
ccache: FILE:/tmp/krb_user1
c name: http/dev96vm26.asglab.juniper.net@KERB.ASGLAB.JUNIPER.NET
kgetcred: krb5_get_creds: KDC can't fulfill requested option

-----Original Message-----
From: Zeqing (Fred) Xia
Sent: Fri 10/19/2007 11:39 PM
To: heimdal-discuss@sics.se
Subject: S4U2self ticket does not have forwardable flag set

Hi All,

According to this document


The S4U2self ticket should have a forwardable flag set.

However when I tried to use Heimdal to get a S4U2self ticket, the ticket does not have forwardable flag set. I do have the account set to "Trust this user for delegation to any service" on AD server.

Does anyone have suggestions on where I should look into to solve this?

Thanks a lot.