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Circular dependency building test programs


I'm not terribly good with libtool and automake so I'm hoping someone
on the list has a suggestion for a problem I'm having (also, experience
has shown that I aways solve my problem 5 minutes after I post a message
to this list which would be great too :-)

I'm trying to link Heimdal with a library that links with Heimdal. Meaning
I have a circular dependency. Linking libraries is not a problem
since the linker doesn't try to resolve dependencies when creating
libraries. However, Heimdal's makefiles try to create a number of test
programs which *do* need to resolve the dependencies.

In particular when building roken/.libs/snprintf-test I get 'undefined
reference' errors:

gcc <stuff> -o .libs/snprintf-test snprintf_test-snprintf-test.o \
      <stuff> ./.libs/libtest.a ./.libs/libroken.so -pthread \
      -l<mylibhere> -l<heimdallibshere> <morestuff>
/var/ioplex/heimdal/lib/libkrb5.so: undefined reference to `bswap16'
/var/ioplex/heimdal/lib/libkrb5.so: undefined reference to `setprogname

It seems the linker is using .libs/libroken.so which doesn't have all of
the necessary symbols required by the libkrb5 my library is linked with:

  snprintf-test -> libmylib -> libkrb5 -> .libs/libroken.so (needs
             to be /var/ioplex/heimdal/lib/libroken.so)

Ideally I would prefer to simply not build any test programs at all. Then
I would only need to add the LIBS necessary to link the libraries and
not executables.

So is there any option to NOT build test programs?

Or perhaps there's a way to specify different options for linking
executables so that I can leave out the link to my lib?


Michael B Allen
PHP Active Directory SPNEGO SSO