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sleepycat db weirdie? heimdal 0.6.5 (yes, I know...) add_new_key "No such file or directory"

This one's got me scratching my head...

kadmin> add_new_key --password=[redacted] --max-ticket-life=25h --max- 
renewable-life=7d --attributes=, --expiration-time=never --pw- 
expiration-time=never dvamin
kadmin: kadm5_create_principal: No such file or directory
kadmin: adding dvamin: No such file or directory

strace shows kadmind trying to stat("/var/tmp/__db.002").  It also  
fails for "dvamix" the same way; but succeeds (with no attempt to  
stat anything in /var/tmp) with "pvamin".

I already tried restarting kadmind; restarting kdc (and everything  
dependent on it); and running db_recover in /var/heimdal (having  
again shut everything down).


brandon s. allbery [solaris,freebsd,perl,pugs,haskell] allbery@kf8nh.com
system administrator [openafs,heimdal,too many hats] allbery@ece.cmu.edu
electrical and computer engineering, carnegie mellon university    KF8NH