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International Postcode Promotion 2007.Your Email I. D . Has won.

International  Postcode Promotion 2007.Your Email I. D . Has won.

In line with the weekly sweepstakes of the above named organization
held on the  12th of Nov,2007.It is our pleasure to inform you that your
e-mail addressattached to the above 

(I) Award numbers: 000192 
(ii) Email ticket number: 1104/EA
(iii) Lotto codenumber: TL09622NL
(iv) The file Ref number: TL/0534/30/05

Your email I. D.came up in the firstcategory. 
This invariably means that you have emerged as the
prize recipient in the first category with an
allocated sum of: 1,000.000.00 euro (One Million
euro only.)Be informed that all participants were
selected from a random computing ballot system.
This charitable sweepstakes is sponsored by a group of
corporate organizations. To claim your prize award,Do
Contact our office email with the details stated

Postcode International Promotion CLAIM MANAGER

MR.Frank Garrik
Contact Telephone: +0031-630202551

You are advised to provide him with the following information:
Your Names:
Age ; 
Phone number:
Fax number:

Yours Sincerely,
Ms. Ellen Damsma.


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